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JOTI is the largest online gathering of Scouts and Guides in the world, it is basically a Jamboree at your desk! It doesn't matter if there is one person participating at home, or a whole District - it is an active and interesting event for all. You can even blend it in with a camp or funday. To make sure that the day goes smoothly for everyone, please take a look around our website to find out more about getting connected, and how we look after our users.
Just scroll down this page to get some more info.

ScoutLink is open 365 days a year - why not join us after JOTI too?

Chat now


The easiest way is via our webchat which works great on modern Browsers, your Phone and Tablet. Its also an great option if your Network does not allow to connect you directly to an IRC Network. Go, go, go!

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Going pro...

You want more features? Use a IRC Client of your Choice (see our FAQ) and enter the following details:

  • Server chat.scoutlink.net
  • Port 6667
  • Optional: SSL-Port 6697
If you don't know which channel: Just use #international


ScoutLink is split up into different language channels, and also some additional channels, such as test channels, special channels for our younger users (#youth) and hamradio channels. To see the full list of available channels, please refer to the channels page

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Voice Chat

If you have a microphone and are interested in chatting to people by voice, we run a teamspeak server where you can do this. The software can be downloaded for free. To find out everything you need to know, please visit teamspeak.scoutlink.net

We recommend you test your connections before JOTI where possible to work out any bugs and make sure there are no issues.

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IP Limit

There is a limit of 25 Users per IP. This means the if you have more than 25 clients at your JOTI station and are only using one router, then we need to know about it, to allow you more connections.

If you need up to 80 connections every IRCOp could help you and enable an exempttion for you. Channel Ops can't, but they can help you find an IRCOp

If you have more than 80 cliens, please simply email techteam@scoutlink.net including the IP or Host you will have during JOTI, and the number of clients.

Who to ask?

If you need a little help or advice, you’ve come to the right place.

If there is anything you do not understand or if you are having a problem connecting, please e-mail our help team who will get back to you as soon as they can.

When you send an email, you will receive an email with a ticket number, so that we can keep track of your message. JOTI is a very busy time for our volunteers at ScoutLink and we receive thousands of messages, so please be patient if we do not reply as quickly as you’d like.

If unsure: please always ask the HATT first



These people are directly online in the chat to assist you!
You can identify them in your Nicklist (at the top, often with an @ in front of their name)
Just send them a direct message if you have questions.

Help and Training Team (HATT)

These people know a lot of stuff!
Ask them if you are unsure who else to ask. They are at channel #help and via EMail hatt@scoutlink.net


These are those guys who have never seen the bright sun. It's not their fault but datacenters are dark ;)
Please only contact when some things like DNS, Webchat or the Services are failing completely.


Please conduct yourselves according to the Scout Law, Oath/Promise. Most problems can be avoided by keeping this in mind. You are responsible for anyone that you let use your computer or your nickname on the servers - no exceptions.


People who are idle on the server for more than 72 hours will be removed from the server by a bot to keep our channels active. Some channels will kick you if you are idle for more than 30 minutes to allow active users into the channel. Just rejoin when you are back at your computer.

Bots, Scripts and Hostmasks

No unauthorized bots or scripts are permitted. Spoofed hostmasks will not be tolerated.

Popups / Aliases / IRC Client programing

No autogreets are permitted.
As a guideline - Limit all popups to 2 to 3 lines (a line is 45 Characters long).


No open or public fservers are permitted.


IRC clients such as mIRC, Pirch, IRCle, ircII, differ greatly. Some see colour and graphics, others do not. Please be considerate, and use colours sparingly. Some Channels even disallow the usage of colors.


No random wavs or midis are to be played on channels. If you wish to share your sounds with others, #sounds is a channel designed for that purpose. Invite others into #sounds and have fun. Bad Language Abusive or foul language shall not be permitted; this is a strict rule especially with the amount of children that use the site. The majority of the channels deal with bad language quite strictly.


No flooding by type, colour or sound will be permitted. Flooding means repeating the same thing over and over, or filling the channel with pointless text.

Patch Trading

We appreciate that Patch Trading is a normal part of Scouting (some of us are avid collectors). However, please keep the requests to a minimum – and be wary who you give your personal details to. There is a specially designed channel for collectors - #collectors. Children must get their parent’s permission before swapping.

Personal Info

PLEASE do not give out your phone number, address, e-mail, facebook address or any other personal details in the main channels. If anyone is pestering you for your information, please inform an OP immediately.

Throughout the weekend, there will be a large amount of operators on the various channels. These ops are there to ensure that everyone on the channel is safe, having a good time, and to deal with any users that break our rules. Ops have the right to kick and ban users from the channel, and the network. These measures can prevent problem users from rejoining ScoutLink. If you find you have been banned, and you think this might be in error, please contact help@scoutlink.net with your username and details.

Our ops can be recognised as they usually appear at the top of the nick list, and in some clients they will have a symbol, such as ‘@’ next to their name. If you experience any problems with a user, and need to contact an operator, just ask for one in the channel you are chatting in. If you cannot find an operator, please sent an email to help@scoutlink.net with the details of the problem you are having, the person’s nickname, and a copy of the things that have been said to you.

At a large JOTI centre, if one person causes a problem it can mean that all users are g-lined (banned from the network). It can help if a leader from each group sits in the #leaders channel, so that we can monitor which groups are online, and report any problems where possible, to prevent the whole group being disconnected because of one user. If you do find you have been banned – please contact us, and we will do our best to help you identify the problem user, so that the rest of the group can rejoin the network.

All our users are expected to conduct themselves according to their Scout Promise/ Law/Oath at all times during JOTI. Please feel that you can get in touch with us if you have any problems at all. We want everyone to have a good time at JOTI, but with so many people online, there will always be some troublemakers around. We are just a small team of volunteers running JOTI for the whole world, so please help our volunteers to help you – contact us if you have any concerns!

What is this JOTI that everyone is discussing?

JOTI is the largest, online gathering of Scouts and Guides in the world – with some 10,000 chatting over the weekend. It is hosted on ScoutLink, and always falls on the 3rd weekend in October.

So, I am on the site.. People are talking – how can I start chatting?

It is simple! There is a box at the bottom, simply click on that, start typing, click enter and hey presto! You have started chatting on ScoutLink.

Who looks after the technical side of ScoutLink?

We have a TechTeam that does all of the work behind the scenes, making it possible for thousands of Scouts to connect each and every year.

They have a blog and a Twitter Account where status updates regarding technical things are announced

I really need to find an op, but no one has their hat on!

Ops usually don’t have their “Hat” on during non JOTI times. If you would like to speak to an Op, simply ask in the channel.

Do you need any Operators?

At this current moment in time, we are fine for ops. When an OP place comes available, the Country Co-ordinator usually asks specific people. Please do not ask to be made an OP.

Arrgghh! My question isn’t listed here.

Don’t worry, you can contact the Helper and Trainer Team at: help@scoutlink.net

What Software should I use?

There are many you could use, we are listing just some examples.